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"The service provided by Henry Ochoa and RID was excellent! Being that this was our first time doing a mass shredding, Henry coordinated the entire process and, in my opinion, it went smoothly, efficiently and in a timely manner. Thank you for helping us get RID of these documents that were, quite frankly, a pain in the neck. I look forward to receiving the Certificate of Destruction which will officially close out this project. In the mean time, thanks again for your excellent and much needed service."


Q. What do you shred?

A. Paper, books, binders, CD / DVD discs, computer hard drives, file folders, clothing, pill bottles, poker chips, toys, shoes and a host of other materials like “Branded” items that need to be protected by destruction.

Q. Do I need to sort my material?

A. Regarding general information shredding, No, except for audio and visual tapes. We keep those locked in our vehicle and run a separate shred at our shop because the recycle plant doesn’t like the black tape mixed in with the paper.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Give us a call at (916) 391-0190 or Click Here for an on-line quote.

Q. What kind of shredding is performed?

A. Pierce and Tear. This is similar to cross cut shredding, but better because it turns your material into random sized pieces of confetti.

Q. What happens to the shredded material?

A. It is unloaded at a NAID AAA Certified Recycler, baled and shipped to a paper pulping plant to eventually become another paper product.

Q. Is the mobile shredding process safe?

A. Absolutely. This is the shortest chain of custody, from your location directly into our mobile shredding truck.

Q. How long does it take to schedule the mobile shredding service?

A. We run scheduled routes each week, so depending upon when you call in and the volume to be shredded, the time frame can be from one day to a week. However, because of our commitment to outstanding customer service, we do everything in our control to provide you with the shortest time frame.

Q. Are you bonded and insured?

A. Yes. In addition to the standard liability and workers compensation insurances, we carry Error & Omission insurance and a $5 million dollar Umbrella policy.

Q. Why should I shred?

A. Whether you are a residential customer or commercial client, protection of your confidential information is critical in order to prevent potential identity theft. In addition to mandated governmental compliance, you’ll want to protect the interests of your customers, employees, public image and brand identity.

Q. What information should I shred?

A. Virtually anything that could cause a breach in your private personal or corporate information resulting in potential financial losses.

Q. How long should I retain my information?

A. Click HERE for a general list of items with time periods, but prior to shredding any information, we ask you to consult with your CPA or Attorney for confirmation.

Q. Do you recycle the shredded material?

A. Yes, we unload our material at a NAID AAA certified recycling plant.

Q. Do you service residential customers?

A. Yes. Simply put, identity theft doesn’t discriminate.

Q. What forms of payment to you take?

A. Cash, check or credit.

Q. Is there a collection container deposit?

A. Only for residential customers.

Q. Do you provide a Certificate of Destruction?

A. Yes, upon shredding and invoicing.


RID 10 FAQ's

Q. Who can be a RID 10 Partner?

A. Any organization that has ongoing requirements for shredding can be a RID 10 Partner Customer. Any verifiable 501(c)(3) organization can be a RID 10 Partner 501(c)

Q. Are we limited in the choice of Non-Profit that benefits from our participation as a RID 10 Partner Customer?

A. Participating Customers may designate a beneficiary 501(c)(3) organization of their own choosing or select one of RID's favored military partners (Fisher House and Wounded Warrior Project).

Q. What does RID 10 cost?

A. There is no direct cost for participating in the RID 10 Partnership. Partner Customers, of course, bear the unbeatably priced cost of the shredding services we provide.

Q. Why do you offer the RID 10 Partnership Program?

A. RID 10 is the greatest embodiment of our philanthropic business model and our living commitment to RID’s mission statement: Positively impact the business community by modeling the highest standards of character, integrity and respect for humanity.